Seven pool maintenance mistakes to avoid, tips from your local swimming pool repair service

Central Coast Pool and Spa has been maintaining pools, spas, and hot tubs since 2013. Maintaining and repairing swimming pools for customers in Paso Robles and nearby communities has given the company team the knowledge and skill for maintaining pools and educating their customers about how to keep their pools in peak condition.

A swimming pool can give years of fun and pleasure to friends and family. It’s also a major investment and like anything of value, needs to be properly cared for. Overlooking or shortcutting important pool maintenance tasks can result in all kinds of problems from cloudy and unpleasant water to major repairs. The team has some advice about the importance of pool maintenance and the top seven mistakes to avoid:

  1. Overlooking the chemical balance— Not maintaining proper chemical balance in the pool can cause incorrect pH levels that result in a range of issues from damaging the pool’s infrastructure to irritated eyes and skin. “The proper chemical balance is more than just adding chemicals,” says James Vidito. Regularly testing the water to monitor pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels and then getting everything to the right balance, between a 7 and 7.6 pH level is key. The Central Coast Pool & Spa team is happy to help pool owners with swimming pool repair services in Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, and nearby communities.
  2. Neglecting the filtration system—A clean and operational filtering system is indispensable for eliminating debris, contaminants, and bacteria from the water. Neglecting routine filter cleaning or necessary replacement affects the water circulation, leading to cloudy water and more severe complications over time. Inspecting and maintaining the filtration system is part of regularly scheduled pool maintenance.
  3. Inconsistent brushing and vacuuming— Consistent brushing and vacuuming are important for controlling algae growth and a clean pool. Neglecting these tasks can result in persistent stains, slippery surfaces, and an unwelcoming appearance, and odor in some cases. Establish a regular brushing routine and invest in a high-quality pool vacuum to keep your pool a welcoming experience.
  4. Forgetting about the skimmer and pump—Skimmers capture surface debris so it doesn’t sink to the bottom. Pumps keep the water circulating and filtered. Overlooking skimmer and pump maintenance can lead to poor water quality and pump and filter failure.
  5. Shortcutting shocking—Adding pool shock directly into the water is a common and ill-advised shortcut. Introducing shock granules directly can cause uneven distribution and potentially harm the pool surface. Experts recommend pre-dissolving shock granules in a bucket of water and then evenly distributing the solution around the pool.
  6. Infrequent water testing—Test the pool water once a week, using testing strips. Overlooking this important task risks creating major problems. Regular water testing monitors calcium hardness, pH, chlorine stabilizer, and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels.
  7. Misunderstanding calcium hardness—Maintaining the proper calcium hardness level helps the pool water balance. Inadequate calcium hardness can lead to corrosiveness, damaging pool surfaces and equipment. Excessive calcium hardness can cause cloudy water, scaling, and a compromised swimming experience. Using calcium hardness increasers helps keep calcium at the optimal level of 175 to 225 ppm.

Pool maintenance is essential to make sure the pool lasts for years, as trouble-free as possible. Maintenance helps avoid costly swimming pool repairs. Many pool owners choose to work with a pool maintenance company. Central Coast Pool and Spa maintains pools, spas, and hot tubs and provides swimming pool repair services when needed.

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